Black Mum Fest sponsored by Zyper

BLACK MUM FEST 2020 is the UK's First Fest Dedicated to Black Mothers; a safe space for mothers to get equipped with essential tools to thrive. This event is sponsored by Zyper #commitmenttocommunity and the funds will help in many ways support the event logistics.

In light of The Motherhood Group conversations on genotypes, blood types and compatibility within the BAME communities (please check the AS+AS highlight tab on @themotherhoodgroup Instagram page), The Motherhood Group have partnered with NHS Blood and Transplant to host a “Know Your Blood Type” session at Black Mum Fest 2020! On site they’ll be trained NHS Blood and Transplant staff to help mother's find out their blood type and will be able to see the results LIVE.

Why are we collaborating?

There is a rising need for certain key blood types. Between 2014 to 2018, there was a 13% increase in the proportion of O negative being issued to hospitals. O negative is the universal donor group which can be given to almost anyone.

The campaign aims to increase awareness of blood types, educate on how each one contributes to saving lives, and recruit more priority donors to meet hospital demand. We urgently need 40,000 more black donors as they are more likely to have the blood type needed to treat the increasing number of patients suffering from sickle cell disease.

This event will raise awareness for blood types within the community and will be a starting point to revive more donors from black individuals.

The Themes from the festival are:

Sex & Relationships, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship vs Career, Health & Well being, Hair & Beauty.

The panel workshops include:

Dr. Danso

She'll be speaking on Mental Health & BAME Motherhood, the importance of mental health, loneliness and motherhood and practical tips and practices for improved well-being


Her personal talk will discuss overcoming an abusive relationship, practical steps from surviving to thriving and learning self-worth.


This mother will be speaking on hair & beauty in within motherhood, how to express emotions, representation and self love through Hair.


She will be discussing managing relationships whilst balancing motherhood and the thoughts of 'losing you' after giving birth to a child.


Discussing the challenges and stigma with miscarrying, overcoming and conceiving and sharing tips for not losing hope.


This will be a workshop session on:

Raising confident and emotional healthy children.

Choosing schools & teaching children at home.

Equipping children with essential tools to thrive.

The Panel will be discussing important taboo subjects and answering questions from audience members. Panel will consist of:


Balancing Motherhood & Career/Business:

What works for you i.e entrepreneurship or career

Time management

What is your Motivation

Practical tools to excel


Facing adversity and overcoming them

Tips on finding your calling/purpose

Tips on excelling in your business (mumpreneur)



Tips on marketing and branding yourself


Sex as a mother & postpartum

Building a Confident you

Self Esteem


The stigma of infertility and black motherhood.


The impact of balancing your relationship and motherhood

Mental health and motherhood.

About the Founder of Black Mum Fest

Sandra Igwe is a digital content creator, author, mum of two, and founder of The Motherhood Group, a social enterprise that has facilitated programs, workshops and events with 1200+ mothers within the last three years.

After completing her LLB Law and MBA, whilst working full time, Sandra became a mother to two under two’s (Zoe & Chloe) which prompted her develop The Motherhood Group. Ultimately, driven by her passion to help motivate mothers to make the right choice about products and services and to raise awareness of the Black motherhood experience, Sandra has become a well know mummy influencer online and her Motherhood platform a close knit and engaged community. Her work has helped mothers tackle anxiety, postnatal depression and stress in association with healthcare practitioners, Higher Education institutions, brands and organisations, whilst fostering peer to peer support.

To date, Sandra and The Motherhood Group have raised awareness to the Black motherhood experience through collaborations with O2 Centre, BBC, Ran Studios, Nutopia, Shoot Media, The B Shirt and Cantu. She was also sponsored by the School of Social Entrepreneurs and Kings College GLAD study, exploring topics such as 'Motherhood & Wellbeing', 'Managing Anxiety and Stress' and 'Motherhood & Relationships'. Through her events for thousands of mothers in the UK, Sandra has developed a signification following as an influencer and mothering expert.

In 2020 she added children’s author to her growing list of accolades when she self published Zoe and Chloe’s Feelings, a beautiful watercolour nursery rhyming book illustrating a everyday feelings in a fun and imaginative way. Within a week, the book was listed at number 8 on Amazon BestSellers for Nursery Rhymes Books.

Sandra shares her daily joys and activities with her daughters online and constantly knows how to go viral and trend online. She lives a healthy lifestyle, travelling, cooking nutritious delicious meals, obsessing over fashion and adventurous play with her kids! Individually, she has collaborated with an array of brands including Aldi, Tesco, Vimto, ActiKid, Mapiful, HiPP Organic, Village and Home, Asiam, Cantu, Mecure, Nosh and the BBC.

Sandra lives in Sidcup with her husband and two daughters Zoe (4) and Chloe (2). She is keen to collaborate with brands as influencer and to hear about partnerships with The Motherhood Group.


BBC Sandra used The Motherhood Group platform to discuss the pressure for “black mums to be superwomen" on the BBC. Around a fifth of new mums in the UK suffer from mental health problems and The Mental Health Foundation say Black British women are most likely to have a common mental health problem. She highlighted the issues surrounding Black motherhood, mental health and the need for a support network where Black women can speak about the issues they are facing Please see feature:

METRO Sandra wrote a feature for the Metro highlighting the substandard treatment that Black British mothers face by the healthcare system:

GLAD STUDY The Motherhood Group partnered with the Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) study where researchers at King’s College London launched the largest ever single study of depression and anxiety. Sandra’s enterprise actively campaigned by contributing to the recruitment of 40,000 mothers in England who have experienced either depression or anxiety at some point in their life and want a better understanding of these disorders. Please see feature:

THE O2 CENTRE Sandra’s phenomenal work with the O2 Centre saw her managing the first ever event aimed at young mothers tackling mental health. The event was featured in the Ham High Newspaper and quoted Sandra: ‘Creating event platforms that allow mothers to discuss relatable and honest topics, ensures that we are able to tackle real life challenges whilst celebrating the beauty of motherhood in its totality.”. Please see feature here

WOMEN NG Sandra’s consistent work with mothers within the Black and ethnic and minority community has also been recognised internationally, hosting brunch events in Lagos, Nigeria for mothers to connect in a safe space. Nigeria’s biggest media outlet for women, Women NG, featured Sandra, and The Motherhood Group to celebrate her achievements. Please see feature here:

JUST ENTREPRENEURS The Motherhood Group was short- listed among thousands as a ‘Startup You Need to Know’ in 2018 on Just Entrepreneurs, a platform to find innovative concepts and expertise from pioneers within different sectors. Please see feature here:

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