Before Going Into Labour

Ever since our first scan everything was going great.

About a week later I had received my first delivery of baby stuff I had ordered online and orders kept coming there after. I had already chosen our baby’s name. I was super happy that We had found out so early in my pregnancy as to what the gender of our baby will be.

I had an amazing pregnancy and believe me when I say amazing:

Throughout my whole pregnancy from the day finding out I was pregnant I had morning sickness about twice , heart burn about a million times and the most scrumptious cravings ever. My skin was glowing I enjoyed and loved my bump (till this day I miss my bump). I woke up feeling great but did go to bed sometimes super tired. I had all my routine scans and midwife appointments. I went to some of my antenatal classes although I didn’t always arrive on time but I made it. I did loads of shopping and making sure things were right.

I sorted my birth plan and choose to have a water birth. I planned my baby shower months before it was even time to think about a baby shower. I had the most amazing maternity shoot by my friend ( Asha ). I spent almost every minute taking pictures and videos of my bump and of my little human learning karate inside my tummy. I enjoyed being pregnant with my mum for her last couple of months before she gave birth. I also spent a lot of time mentally preparing myself to push my little creation out. I imagined how cool and calming my water birth would be. I cried at the thoughts of the amount of pain that was to come I also cried at the thought of not being able to do it. I enjoyed the moments of joy when feeling his little foot through my tummy Or his elbow digging into my ribs. I enjoyed having an excuse to not having to do certain things. I loved how being pregnant made me see and look at life a little different.

Overall I had some of the best couple months of my life being pregnant with my fatty and I would do it all again. Don’t get me wrong I hated the swollen feet and heartburn but it was all worth it in the end.

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