Every Mother Must Have Black Seed Oil : The Blessed Seed

Every Mother Must Have Black Seed Oil - The Blessed Seed

What Is Black Cumin Seed Oil & Why Is It Getting So Much attention, specifically, The Blessed Seed's strong black seed oil which is 4 times more powerful than most on the market AND 100% pure cold pressed with no additives.

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What is black cumin seed oil, anyway? Black seed oil (aka black cumin seed oil, or nigella sativa oil) is an amber-hued oil extracted from tiny black seeds of the flowering Nigella sativa plant that originated in Southwest Asia and has been used throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

When you scan the label, you'll notice a variety of beneficial compounds listed, including things like omega-3, -6, and -9 essential fatty acids and cholesterol-lowering plant compounds called phytosterols. But the majority of its therapeutic perks probably have to do with a particularly potent active compound called thymoquinone (TQ), which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and immune-supporting properties.

Today, black cumin seed oil is sold online on The Blessed Seed as a liquid oil, a balm rub, or in a blend with other extracts. To reap its varied benefits, you can ingest it or apply it topically to the skin.

6 benefits of black cumin seed oil. Research on black seed oil, or Nigella sativa, suggest that it may benefit your health in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most promising findings to date:

1. Supports digestive health.* One of the oldest traditional uses of black cumin seeds was to promote overall digestive health, with tinctures of the seeds frequently being used for indigestion and bloating, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.* Additionally, studies have found that a black cumin seed solution helped prevent the formation of gastric ulcers in rats.* Researchers speculate that this is due to the gastroprotective effects of thymoquinone, which has been shown to inhibit acid secretion and help maintain the layer of mucus that lines and protects the gut.*

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2. Helps support the endocannabinoid system.* The endocannabinoid system (the body's "master regulatory system") might benefit from black cumin seed oil, due to its phytocannabinoid content.* Phytocannabinoids are beneficial plant compounds found in black cumin seed oil, hemp, hops, rosemary, and more.

"Black cumin seed oil contains a key phytocannabinoid called beta-caryophyllene (BCP). BCP binds exclusively to the CB2 cannabinoid receptor. This receptor dominates in the peripheral nervous system, immune system, gut, liver, skin, and bones—so supporting it is important to maintaining health in these systems," explains Robert Rountree, M.D., a functional medicine pioneer.*

3. Promotes healthy skin and hair.* Legend has it that Cleopatra's secret to radiant skin was actually black seed oil! While we can't officially confirm this historical anecdote, one study did find that applying a lotion of 10% black seed oil significantly and positively affected acne after two months, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.* Other research has found that topical application of black seed oil speeds wound healing, which may help reduce blemishes and scarring.*

Black seed oil can also be diluted with a carrier oil (or added to shampoos) and applied to the scalp to soothe and reduce flakiness.*

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4. Aids in weight maintenance.* With a quick "black seed oil + weight" search, you'll find a number of bloggers and vloggers raving about this oil's ability to melt away the pounds.* While this may (rightly) induce some eye-rolling, some research suggests black cumin seed oil could somewhat aid in weight maintenance or at least fight risk factors for obesity.* In one eight-week study, women took black seed oil or a placebo while following a calorie-restricted diet. By the end, the black seed oil group experienced greater reductions in weight and waist circumference.*

That said, it's not a magic bullet. "Most of its weight loss benefits would likely be indirect," says Pedre. "Inflammation is a key driver in obesity, for instance, so the anti-inflammatory properties of thymoquinone could support normal levels of inflammation and therefore aid weight loss.* But I wouldn't consider it a primary weight loss aid."*

5. Fights seasonal allergies. Black seed oil may help manage symptoms of seasonal allergies.* In one study, patients with allergic rhinitis (aka hay fever) who were given black seed oil daily experienced a positive impact in nasal congestion, nasal itching, runny nose, and sneezing attacks within the first two weeks of treatment. These results are likely due to the fact that thymoquinone acts as an antihistamine, says Pedre.*

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6. Soothes aching joints.* Black cumin seed oil may help soothe achy joints.* In one study, women with aching joints who were given a 500-mg dose of black seed oil capsules twice a day experienced a positive impact on swollen joints and morning joint stiffness.* Another more recent study found that women who took the oil had lower blood levels of certain inflammatory markers, including C-reactive protein.*

How to find a high-quality black cumin seed oil.

As mentioned above, black seed oil is available in liquid form and in gel caps. Topically, black seed oil can be combined with lotions, shampoos, or carrier oils (like jojoba, rosehip, argan, and avocado oil) and applied to the skin or scalp. Do a patch test first to make sure you're not allergic.

Here are a few specific things to look for in a black seed oil to ensure you're getting the best possible product:

Choose an oil that is cold-pressed since other methods of extraction typically involve high heat that can damage the beneficial compounds and fatty acids in the oil. Opt for an organic black seed oil, which will ensure you're getting a product with no (or very low) pesticide residue.

Avoid black seed oil products that list multiple ingredients and additives - The Blessed Seed products are the purest form of black seeds you'll find. You only need one thing: 100% black cumin seed oil. Choose an oil that comes in a light-blocking bottle (think dark amber glass or something similar), which will help prevent rancidity.

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