Nipper & Co - Tea Every Mother Needs

Now if you know me, you'd know that I'm a tea addict. I grew up tasting a variety of blends, for every occasion and whatever the weather. This is why when I came across Nipper & Co, I was super enthusiastic to try! Well, not solely because of it's beautifully artistic design and packaging, or because they were organic, but the fact that they were specifically tailored towards mothers, babies and growing families - I was eager to get my sip on.

As a new mother of two, sleep has become something of the past. At first, I couldn't sleep because of the frequent night feeds, cries and random waking up episodes. But now, that phase is slowly fading away - I simply can't sleep now because of postnatal insomnia! Postnatal insomnia usually happens when an exhausted mother, one who desperately needs rest, is unable to sleep even though her baby's sleeping soundly.

Sip 'n' Snore - A blend that EVERY mother needs! Honestly, I drank it before bedtime, and it instantly made me relax and unwind. Also slept through the night, without waking up once to anxiously check on my girls who were peacefully sleeping. Why had I not come across this before? I usually sprinkle lavendar essential oil on my bed to help with sleep - but Sip n Snore has not only Lavender but also Valerian and Linden, and, lavendar has been scientifically proven in medical studies to improve the quality of sleep in 60% of cases!

Sip n Snore, taste light, frangrancy and almost sweet!

This is my definitely my new favourite tea, a tea that every mother needs.

You can purchase here using a discount code THANKS20-

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