Life Saving & Delicious - Breastfeeding Cookies

After giving birth to my second daughter, I was excited to try the whole breastfeeding experience again. Not because it was ludicrously fun the first time, but because it was challenging - and this time round, I wanted to make sure I breastfed with the least complications as possible (if that's even a thing).

Nevertheless, my four month old daughter absolutely adores breastmilk - the annoying part of this sentence is that she adores 'bottled' breast milk. However, that means, I'm a pumping machine, literally pumping practically 24 hours a day! She'll latch on if she's sleepy, needs comfort or if she simply feels like it, but for the most part , she prefers, the good old bottle. And with my daughter being directly on the boob less frequently, I noticed my milk supply slipping away before my very own eyes...

That's where Boobbix Cookies have been a life saving delicious treat!

First of all, how can something so tasty be a solution to a problem? The first day, I ate about 6 cookies (OK so I'm totally embarrassed: mothers, please don't be as greedy as me), but within a day or two I noticed a dramatic increase to my milk supply! No, seriously, my milk won't stop flowing when I pump, I'm almost like a never-ending milk tap.

I'm no longer worried that my milk won't be enough and I have been pumping enough to feed her AND I'm able save 8 ounces of extra milk in the freezer every day!

If you're looking to boost you milk production whilst eating a tasty treat- then Boobbix Breastfeeding Cookies is an amazing option!

You can purchase here :

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