Once You Go Cantu, You Can Never Go Back, Can You?: Cantu Review

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So, if I’m honest I am a pretty chilled out mum (by chilled out I do not mean lazy, like at all :)). When it comes to my daughter’s hair, I am absolutely in awe of it and that’s where it ends. Lots of other melanin mamas who have baby girls do all fancy and cutesy hairstyles and braids, but I’m happier leaving it to be free. Like mine. I also have not been very particular about what shampoos (or if any, conditioners) I use. So far I’ve used the Johnson’s baby shampoo that I got in one of those baby shower bundles. It’s almost finished so the Cantu Care For Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo I got at the The Motherhood Group couldn’t have come at a better time.I used it straight away because otherwise it may have stayed in the gift bag and ended up under a pile of laundry (*hides face*).

The hair washing experience was a typical one. She cried as I lathered it into her crown of curls because she’d have much rather gone diving into the water. She stood up over and over again, she fidgeted and wriggled, but I was determined and a little bit mezmerised by the exotic fruity smell of the Cantu Care For Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo.I rinsed it out and then I couldn’t stop stroking her head, her curls were so soft! She was still a bit teary eyed but she was happy the ordeal was over. No, I know there should have been a conditioning session – shock, horror, but I didn’t have any conditioner. I will do next time. Promise! I am actually scrolling through the Cantu website now to put kids conditioner on order. She cuddled up to me as I dried her and her hair; she wanted to feed before she got dressed. I was happy enough to continue cuddling her, feeding her and sniffing her coily hair. I mean, that scent, right?

Like I said, I’m ordering a Cantu kids conditioner to compliment this magical shampoo. I saw immediate results from using this shampoo, her hair seemed way more hydrated and moisturised than when I used the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Pfft what was I thinking. Now I’m all ‘once you go Cantu, you can never go back, can you?’ and I might even become one of those melanin mamas who do all the fancy and cutesy hair styles.All in all, the Cantu shampoo was a hit! Massive thank you to The Motherhood Group and Cantu for this gift, it’s been habit changing for us. I can’t wait to find and try the conditioner and maybe even some adult products for my own wild and free fro!

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