Motherhood is Supposed to change You.

8 Things I never thought I would say or do as a Mum:

1. *Sees bratty child in Asda throwing a tantrum on the floor*

Inside voice: "that could ever be my child"

*fast forwards to 2018* me watching my child in Sainsbury's refusing to get up in the frozen food Isle because she doesn't want to walk. Life comes at you fast lol. The terrible twos are no joke!

2. "I'll never give my child McDonald's"

Sighh I did really well to stick to this as I think it's so unhealthy but... I gave in :( I have given her chips once or twice. I just feel super guilty when I'm eating it and she's just staring at me

It's not a regular thing though. We love our healthy meals. Motherhood is tiring. Sometimes I just don't want to cook

3. "I'm going to take the whole year of maternity leave and enjoy it"

I went back to work when little miss was 5 months. I was BORED. It sounds bad but I know for a fact I'm not the only mum that has felt like this. All your child does is eat and sleep. You'll miss adult interaction. All I can say is go back when you feel ready (or when you actually have to lol) Don't make anyone make you feel bad for going back early!

4. "I'm going to potty train her by the time she's 2"

Big LOL. Potty training is bloody hard work. Horrible if you have carpet too lol. Don't feel the need to compete with others just because their baby was potty trained at 11 months. A lot of mums try to stretch the truth a little to make their child seem better. Sad but true. Listen to your child. Learn their potty signs and train them when they are ready!

5. "I'll never swear in front of my child"

Now don't get me wrong I don't go around cussing all day long lol but sometimes when you're driving and you have crazy drivers on the road you can't help but show your frustration. Unfortunately sometimes I forget little miss is in the back listening. I was at the cinema not too long ago with her watching Jumanji. She unfortunately dropped her popcorn and dropped the F bomb too. I was in shock I wanted to run out the cinema I've explained to her now that, that is a naughty word

and now use "chicken" as my replacement F word.

6. "My child will never control me the way I see some of these kids controlling their parents"

Another big LOL. My daughter is two and sometimes I just have to give in to her demands. Just so I can have a peaceful life. As mentioned above the terrible twos is HARD! Your little one will literally cry, scream and shout over the silliest things. I wouldn't let my daughter wear wellingtons to bed the other day and she threw a massive fit. I thought to myself "do I stick to my guns and have my neighbours call the police in me for the excessive crying or do I give in?" Luckily a friend of mine had bought her a brand new pair. I let her wear them to bed and took them off when she was in a deep sleep. They're now her indoor pair of wellies.

7. "My child will never have an iPad at 2"

She has a kindle lol so I guess that wasn't a lie lol. Tablets are a great way for your child to learn. Their are many learning apps and of course YouTube. It's your responsibility to make sure there is a balance between screen time and enriching activities. I would recommend every parent get one. They're useful for long trips, when you're doing their hair and they have to keep still etc.

My little girl is limited to 2 hours per week. I make sure of this and split the time throughout the days. I don't want her getting addicted to it as so many kids are these days. Like I said before, it's you're responsibility as a parent not to let this happen.

Same goes with the TV. Obviously too much TV isn't good. We don't really watch TV on the weekdays as we're always out the house. Sunday is our relaxing movie day where we spend pretty much the whole day on Netflix :)

8. "Oh no I won't be giving her chocolate or fizzy drinks"

I stand by the fizzy drinks. My daughter only ever drinks water. Every now and the I give her apple juice but yes mainly water. It's so important to get them into that healthy habit. Chocolate on the otherwise Oh Lord! We've done really well for 2 years then Christmas 2017 came and there was chocolate EVERYWHERE! And of course I had to buy her and Advent calendar so she was having chocolate everyday for a month Gosh I felt terrible but I didn't want her missing out. Now whenever we go shopping she runs to the chocolate isle. Very frustrating but I try to stick to my guns and say "no" and of course I'm met with another tantrum lol

The point of this post was just to remind everyone it's ok to change your opinion/views on what you think being a parent is.

Motherhood is Supposed to Change You.

Don't feel bad about it. Embrace it.


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