"Mixed Race & Black Children Rarely Featured on Clothing..." Anyone Can Be Clothing.

The Motherhood Group spoke to Lisa, the Founder of Anyone can be Clothing, we are excited to be giving away some of her amazing T-Shirts that are more than just clothing - they represent identity and inclusion for kids. Read more to find out her story!

My name is Lisa and I created Anyone can be Clothing after being made redundant whilst on maternity leave.

I’ve always had the passion and drive to create my own brand, so I said goodbye to working in the busy London insurance world and decided to create something I am proud of, something that will benefit children like my own. It wasn’t difficult to decide to venture into the child clothing world as with three young children of my own, I’ve done my fair share of shopping for kids.

I have been married for seven years. Whilst I am white and was raised in the UK, my husband is African and was brought up in the UK and USA. We have three beautiful mixed race children. It wasn’t until my eldest daughter became fixated on mermaids that I came to realise that black and mixed race children were not adequately represented on children’s clothing. Going out to buy her a mermaid t-shirt became a struggle when none of the mermaids remotely resembled her.

Rather than settling, I decided to dig deep and research just how well high street stores represented children of ethnic minorities in their clothing. I found very little. In fact, I was shocked to find that mixed race and black children rarely featured on clothing, greeting cards, pyjamas or swimwear.

As a white women this wasn’t something I noticed before, I was always lucky enough to see myself represented by mermaids, princesses, pirates and superheroes; but since having mixed race children, I want something different. I want my children and children like mine to see themselves fairly represented within society.

That’s where Anyone can be Clothing began, to show children that they can be anything they want and it doesn’t matter the colour of their skin or where they’re from. Anyone can be Clothing primarily focuses on t-shirts for children aged between 0 and 10, though there are already plans to extend the range to include other items, all races and a wider age range.

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