Sometimes I Really Hate Pregnacy

Sometimes I really hate pregnancy... feeling sad for no reason, crying, feeling lost and then when that is over it's the constant peeing at night or my sore sides from laying on my said the whole time, Braxton hicks contractions for no reason at all, going almost freaking blind and feeling dizzy from laying on my back, feeling so exhausted and tired that I rather stay in bed and pee myself because I can't get up, the heavy stomach, going to work, staying polite, trying not to show the pain when possible, the weird nightmares, the cramps in the legs, the serious back pain, having to go to physiotherapy, the worries about your baby when you don't feel movement, having cravings and not being able to get it, having to socialize, a boyfriend that doesn't understand how difficult all of this is so still dares to be moody once in a while and I can't even get angry or say something because I don't even have the energy to get angry...

Since yesterday I feel like I'm losing myself

I wish I had the energy to scream or something

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