Hello Baby (And Nausea)

Sheesh, it’s been over a month since my first blog post. That sucks *sigh*, my idea was to blog weekly but the demands of a young baby gets in the way of any pre made plans you may have. Anywhoos I have made a promise to myself to try harder commit to this blog and keep it funky and alive (I’m not sure about funky but I like that word so funky stays!)

I thought I would do a three part post, each dedicated to the pregnancy trimesters . The first post will obviously be on the first trimester, throughout my whole pregnancy I felt yuck and uncomfortable, but nothing made me feel such a way more than the beloved first trimester.

I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve 2015. There was no ‘ I didn’t know I was pregnant’ moment; it seemed that Aunt flow had gone on a three day bender from the date she was supposed to have arrived so I took a test and it was a positive. It was such a magical feeling finding out I was pregnant over Christmas. Once I found out I remember thinking “what next?” Automatically I downloaded a ton of baby apps (The best one is Pregnancy+) and started reading on foods and drinks to avoid, started thinking about my scans and of COURSE the baby shower. But nothing could have prepared me for the sudden appearance of our wonderful first trimester friend, MORNING SICKNESS.

Now, don’t be fooled by the name. Morning sickness isn’t subjected just for the morning. It is ALL DAY. I had nausea from morning until night and it was always worse in the evenings. I feel queasy just thinking back to those days when I would come home from work bent over the bog hurling. Food was now a thing of the past. I was desperate for relief and the Internet reassured me that ginger was the cure. So what did I do? I went OTT on the ginger. Did it work? You bet your bottom dollar it didn’t. In my opinion nothing works. You just have to learn how to manage it unless of course you are suffering with hyperemesis-gravidarum ( a severe form of morning sickness) then I would consult your GP. My morning sickness sadly lasted up until about 24 weeks although it did get better and wasn’t as strong as it was during early pregnancy. The only symptom I had throughout the whole duration of pregnancy was hyper-salivation, and boy was that fun.

Hyper-salivation is just a fancy word for ‘excess saliva’. You can’t control it, your mouth just fills up and you have to spit. Mine started from about 7 weeks of pregnancy right until Alexandra was born. It was a horrible introduction to pregnancy. The excess saliva made me feel more nauseous than anything else. Quite simply it was disgusting. During those dark times my best friend was a Corsydl mouth wash bottle that I was using to spit in. I couldn’t even have a conversation without having this bottle by my side. It was tragic, I even went to bed with it that’s how bad it was. Urgh. I remember my mum telling me if would clear up once I hit the three month mark…She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The first trimester wasn’t all despair, I had my first scan seeing our baby doing somersaults and backflips….but that was it for me. The second trimester was my most favourite out of all three but I’ll leave that for the next post

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