The Motherhood Group are keen to adopt and foster innovative partnerships, collaborations and are able to work with Organisations and businesses of all sizes.

We're completely enthusiastic and flexible to work in different industries and capacities in order to help your business or organisation.

Influencer Engagement & Activation's

Social media and consumer generated content by mothers will support your marketing campaign which we can manage.

Our core group of services — including online competitions, blog reviews, social media tours content and video creation and on-site event attendance guarantees that your brand receives authentic, creative, value-added content that only continues to increase in value and reach as time goes on. Engaging with consumers on social media is one of the most effective ways brands can build awareness, gain trust and drive purchase.

Productive and thoughtful partnerships with influencers who are aligned with you and your brand are among the most powerful customer relationships you can have. The Motherhood Group brokers long-term partnerships between brands and mum bloggers for meaningful engagement.

Workshop and Focus Group Facilitation

Facilitated Workshops run by The Motherhood Group will enable your desired group  to work together to achieve an agreed goal, whether that be solving a maternal related problem, building a plan, gathering requirements or making a decision. The Motherhood Group uses a team-based approach, interactive communication and collaboration to achieve results with speed and commitment.


Consulting & Management Services

The most successful brands are those companies that identify, listen to, value and engage with their customers. Social media gives brands the unique opportunity to interact and build those relationships.

The Motherhood Group builds social media plans that help brands increase share of voice, identify and engage influencers as advocates, add value and nurture trust.


Event Management 

The Motherhood Group specialises in delivering first-class events and event sponsorship opportunities. Whether you’re planning a workshop, conference, gala dinner, corporate event, exhibition or product launch, our team can help deliver a seamlessly smooth and spectacular experience.

Start-Up and Small Business Services

The Motherhood offers specialist services for small businesses and start-ups to identify and engage with up-and-coming influencers who share your passions. Working together creates a mutually beneficial partnership as both the influencers and business grow together.

To find out how The Motherhood Group and your business can work together in any capacity, please fill out the form or email