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Welcome to The Motherhood Group, a platform to improve the wellbeing of mothers whilst equipping them with sustainable tools to flourish and excel.



The Motherhood Group takes joy in connecting mothers with one an other; through our sequence of prestige events, edifying workshops and fun meet ups where mothers network, get involved in facilitated and focused discussions and interact with phenomenal speakers.


We create a safe space for mothers to share challenges, triumphs, questions and advice on their personal motherhood journey.


We aim to provide genuine support, encouragement and a steady platform for mothers to discuss all aspects of motherhood; from parenting, relationships, postpartum depression, entrepreneurship and everyday aspects surrounding motherhood.  


Be the mother that you were called to be and Join The Motherhood Group.




Sandra Igwe 

About the Founder

Sandra Igwe is the Founder of The Motherhood Group, a social enterprise that has facilitated programs, workshops and events involving over 1200+ mothers within the last 3 years. Her work has helped mothers tackle anxiety, postnatal depression and stress in collaboration with healthcare practitioners, Higher Education Institutions, organisations whilst fostering peer to peer support. 

After completing her LLB Law and MBA whilst working full time, Sandra became a mother to two under two’s where she then embarked on the School of Social Entrepreneurs Course to develop The Motherhood group further in order to impact her community whilst incorporating managing maternal mental health as a student mum. 

Sandra has facilitated the Student Mum workshop, touring Universities to improve Maternal Mental Health whilst coaching on Time Management and Social Integration. 

Her current projects also includes her participation in "How Far Apart" performance which explores black women's experiences of pregnancy and childbirth which reflects the 2018 report by the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at University of Oxford (a report: 40 in every 100 000 black women in the UK will die in pregnancy compared to 5 in 100 000 white women.) 

To date, Sandra and The Motherhood Group have raised awareness to the Black Motherhood experience through collaborating with the likes of the O2 Centre, BBC, Ran Studios, Nutopia, Shoot Media, The B Shirt, Cantu and have been sponsored by the School of Social Entrepreneurs and Kings College GLAD study, exploring topics such as 'Motherhood & Wellbeing', 'Managing Anxiety and Stress' and 'Motherhood & Relationships'. BBC 
Sandra used The Motherhood Group platform to discuss the pressure for “black mums to be superwoman" on the BBC, she highlighted the issues surrounding black motherhood, mental health and the need for a support network where black women can speak about the issues they are facing.  
Around a fifth of new mums in the UK suffer from mental health problems. The Mental Health Foundation say Black British women are most likely to have a common mental health problem. 


Sandra wrote for the Metro where she highlighted the substandard treatment that Black British mothers face by the healthcare system: 


The Motherhood Group have partnered with the Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) study where researchers at King’s College London launched the largest ever single study of depression and anxiety. Sandra’s enterprise actively campaigned by contributing to the recruiting of 40,000 mothers in England who have experienced either depression or anxiety at some point in their life and want a better understanding of these disorders. Please see feature: 


The O2 Centre 

Sandra’s phenomenal work with the O2 Centre; managing the first ever event aimed at young mothers tackling mental health was featured in the Ham High Newspaper. Sandra said: ‘Creating event platforms that allow mothers to discuss relatable and honest topics, ensures that we are able to tackle real life challenges whilst celebrating the beauty of motherhood in its totality.”. Please see feature here : 


Women NG 

Sandra’s consistent work with mothers within the BAME community has also been recognised internationally, she has hosted brunch events in Lagos Nigeria for mothers to connect in a safe space. Nigeria’s biggest media outlet for women:’ Women NG ‘featured Sandra and The Motherhood Group to celebrate her achievements. Please see feature here: 

Just Entrepreneurs 

The Motherhood Group was short- listed amongst thousands as a ‘Startup You Need to Know’ in 2018 on Just Entrepreneurs, a platform to find innovative concepts, coupled with expertise from pioneers within sectors. Please see feature here: 

"How Far Apart" Play that explores black women's experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Sandra is a partner for the production alongside Moji Kareem (Director) Dr Christine Ekechi, Mars Lord, Jennifer Farmer (play write).