Last years Black Maternal Mental Health Week 2020

Day 1.

28th Sept- Why do we need a black maternal mental health week?

Video Content - Discussion speaking with:

Sandra Igwe - Founder of The Motherhood Group, mother of two with lived experience

Shomi Williams - Psychological well-being therapist and black mental health activist 

Kemi Akinwunmi - Registered midwife, specialist in community public health nursing and mother

Fiona Small - Founder of Young Mums Support Network, mother of two.

Day 2.

29th Sept - Self love - what does it look like?

Video Content - Self-Care tips for black mothers to boost their maternal mental health 

Nehanda Truscott -Reid - Wellness Coach for mothers, and mother of two.

Day 3.

30th Sept - Speaking out - sharing our stories and amplifying our voices.

Video Content - Black mothers from The Motherhood Group speaking on their experience. Written Content - 'My Truth', blog piece written from a black mother speaking on her maternal mental health challenges.

Zoom discussion - all can attend. 8:30PM - 9:30PM

Zoom link here Meeting ID: 848 9307 0152 | Passcode: 930539

Day 4.


1st Oct - Good support - offering guidance and signposting

Written guidance content for mothers - Perinatal Mental Health Partnership

Day 5.


2nd Oct - Strong Black Woman Myth & Cultural Factors

Video content - Mars Lord, Birth Activist and Award Winning Doula

Video content - Black mums 'don't like to talk about depression'.

Day 6.


3rd Oct - Creating Safe spaces - Black Mum Fest 2020

The UK's first fest dedicated to the black motherhood experience, panel discussions, workshops and break-out sessions.

Location: Bellavita Academy, 3:30pm - 8:30pm (registration closed)

Day 7.


4th Oct - Self-reflection - what can we do better to improve BMMH

Donate to the 'Black Mum Support Fund' here :

Video Content - Dr. Jessica Fletcher-Rogers, Specialist Registrar Doctor in Adult Mental Health, special interest in perinatal mental health in the black community.

Research in 2018 found that 23% of women who died in the postnatal period suffered from mental health disorders, and suicide is now the second leading cause of maternal death in the UK. A study in 2010 found that healthcare professionals in the UK lacked the training and the confidence for identifying the specific needs of black women – causing black mothers to ‘fall through the net’.

Join us as we continue to spread awareness and amplify the black motherhood mental health experience  in the UK.