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Black Mum Support Fund


Black Maternal Mental Health Week aims to raise proceeds for the Black Mum Support Fund.No one wants to address the elephant in the room: that postnatal depression or anxiety n black mothers are 13% higher than any other race.

Despite this higher percentage, black mothers are statistically less likely to receive diagnosis or treatment for maternal mental health issues. 

Also, black women are five times more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than white women.


These statistics are likely to promote mental illness in women of colour due to anxiety, OCD, and worry over these findings, this could, in turn, promote postnatal depression.


Black women are suffering from mental health challenges and are also dying, and we need the support to create solutions to stop this from happening now.

















Doula & BMMHW

We will connect black mothers with doula's  to support them during their birthing experience.


We will continue to coordinate Black Maternal Mental Health Week to raise awareness and to partner with organisation's to support black mothers.

Professional Support

We will connect black mothers with psychotherapists, counsellors and perinatal mental health practitioners following from their birth.

Peer Support

We will continue to connect black mothers with each other to reduce isolation, alleviate symptoms of PND and to form meaningful relationships and friendships through events, facilitated discussions and peer-to-peer support.


We will deliver training sessions to bridge the gap between healthcare services and the community of black mothers to give services the confidence to identify the specific needs of black women so they no longer ‘fall through the net’.