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The Motherhood Group is dedicated to sharing and supporting the Black maternal experience through events, workshops, peer support, projects, and advocacy. 

Every mother, including black mums, deserve the right to have access to adequate support, care, safe spaces, and for their voice to be heard.

About the Founder:

Sandra Igwe is a black maternal health advocate, speaker, author, digital content creator, and is the Founder of The Motherhood Group, a social enterprise that supports the black maternal experience by delivering community-based events, peer-to-peer support, training, national campaigns, and culturally sensitive programmes for black mothers. The Motherhood Group pioneered the UK's first-ever awareness week highlighting the disparities of black women's maternal mental health outcomes and issues; Black Maternal Mental Health Week UK.

Sandra is also a Trustee for Birthrights Charity, the leading charity on human rights in pregnancy and childbirth in the UK and she is their Co-Chair: National Inquiry into Racial Injustice in Maternity Care.

Sandra is a TEDx speaker, she has delivered captivating workshops and talks for notable corporations, and conferences such as Facebook EMEA, Dove Baby, Public Health England, Nike Women EMEA, British Association of Perinatal Medicin, Trades Union Congress, MBRRACE Conference+ to speak on the Black motherhood experience for better outcomes.

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